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Important Advice When Buying Used or Antique Clocks

Purchasing used or antique mechanical items, like clocks, frequently come with a big risk as, mechanically speaking, you really can't be sure what you are buying unless you speak with an expert first.  This is why so many people today hire a trained mechanic to check out a used car before they decide to buy it.  Unfortunately when you are at an auction or an antique store there is no opportunity to get it checked out before you buy.

When you purchase a clock from Master Clock Repair you can be assured that you will be made aware of the clock's mechanical condition before you buy.  Many people buy their clocks at local auctions or from Ebay.  In almost all cases there is absolutely no guarantee and you have no idea what kind of condition the clock's movement is in.  All of our clocks come with, at the least, a 30 day money back guarantee and many with a two year guarantee! 

When looking at clocks on Ebay beware of the description, "clock runs"
  This could mean that the clock runs for a few minutes or only a day or two when it should run all week on one winding!  Many of the clocks sold on Ebay are repaired in the cheapest, quickest and oftentimes most unprofessional manner as possible.  This is necessary as the clocks often sell at such a low price that the seller is unable to provide a proper repair.

You should also beware of the description, "clock only needs cleaned and oiled".
  The reason many of these clocks end up on Ebay is because the owner was not willing to pay for the necessary repair so they decide to sell the clock instead.  In many cases, especially with antique clocks the movements are worn so badly due to age and neglect that they need a complete restoration in order to run properly.  Imagine a 75 to 100 plus year old mechanical item that "only" needs cleaned and oiled, not likely!  Although clocks we call antique today were far more durable than their modern counterparts nothing lasts for ever without some level of restoration.  See my "Hall of Shame" page or "Clock Movement Restoration" page for more information.

A Note Concerning Used Clock Pricing

When you look at purchasing a used clock think of them in the same way you would when buying a used car.  What is the first thing people want to know when they buy a used car?  They want to know how old it is but most importantly, they want to know how many miles are on it.  They need this information because they are trying to determine the potential life left in the car before they will need to perform major repairs.  This is true of clocks too!  A clock that will run 10 years without a major repair is certainly worth more than one that might only run a few months or even a year.  Although you cannot check the "odometer" on a clock, when dealing with a trusted company like Master Clock Repair you can count on the fact that we will give you an honest appraisal of the clock's condition and potential life. 

Navigating the "Clocks For Sale" Pages

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Note Regarding Clock Descriptions

You can trust us!  We have been in the clock repair trade for over 38 years and we value our reputation very highly. Every attempt has been made to describe each clock as honestly and accurately as possible.  We apologize if any discrepancy is found as it is simply human error.