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People from outside of our home state of Ohio often discover the great prices we offer on used Grandfather Clocks and want to know if we can ship one to them in another state.   Although it is certainly possible it will likely cost anywhere from several hundred to a thousand dollars depending on how far away you are.  In spite of this fact, in some cases, it is still reasonable to ship a clock, in other cases where the clock is of a lower price it makes less sense.  On lower priced clocks the cost of shipping can be higher than the cost of the clock. 


There is a web site called uship.com where shippers from all over the country compete to get your shipping business.  I have not tried this service yet myself but it looks promising in that it might very well save you big money in shipping a floor clock.  By providing them some details about what you are shipping you can obtain quotes from a number of shippers and determine which one is the best one for you.  We are happy to get you the information you will need to get the quote but you must make the arrangements.  We sell our clocks at rock bottom prices and because we are a clock repair shop first we simply do not have the time to arrange the shipping ourselves. 

The other option is to save the shipping costs and make arrangements to pick up the clock yourself.  If you are clear across the country this might not make sense but if you are within a days drive or so it might make a nice little weekend adventure.  When you arrive we will pack the clock for you while you watch and give you face to face instructions on how to set up the clock properly once you get it home.  If you do not have a vehicle big enough to carry the clock you can rent a regular van from Uhaul for a fairly low cost.